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MedPros - Building the largest suite of AI solutions to service the non-clinical side of healthcare.
Intelligent workforce data
Leverage our advanced algorithms to foster workforce culture and satisfaction.
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Precision talent matching
Our big data and machine learning models unlock deep workforce insights.
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AI-Driven Scouting
Dramatically enhance hiring efficiency and candidate quality.
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Designed to understand context and nuance, MedPros AI creates human-centric intelligence to drive efficiency at scale.

Adaptive learning
Each user increases our AI's library of knowledge, continually growing.
Multilingual capabilities
What language barrier? Our AI communicates in every language on Earth.
Customizable styles
Edit our AI to fit your specific orgnizational needs.
Get your time back
Generate quality candidates nearly instantly, saving valuable time.
Data-driven insights
Read more about the MedPros advantage changing the industry.
“Working with the MedPros AI has been a breeze from start to finish! I'm blown away!”
Patrick Burke
Founder @ Catapult Healthcare Solutions

Empowering users with rapid talent generation.

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Source en Masse
Access a vast network of healthcare professionals and integrate your contacts to expand your reach and capabilities.
Filter for Quality
Utilize our AI to navigate and analyze extensive healthcare data efficiently, ensuring high-quality outcomes and insights.
Maximize with Retention
Deploy our automated, personalized communication tools to enhance satisfaction and improve retention rates.

How we helped Catapult Healthcare Solutions reach peak hiring automation

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Company size
Healthcare Recuiters
Increase in Net Income

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Empowering organizations with rapid talent generation, MedPros transforms the non-clinical side of healthcare with the power of AI.